Some physical and digital artwork produced today will make a difference in the World. Can anyone tell for sure whose creations will be distinguished in future times? Time will tell.

A certificate of authenticity is a promise made by a creator.

“It is ME, I did THIS, for YOU, and I claim : THIS is unique, it will change US.”

The ME, the YOU and the THIS should be explicite and last to make history.

I did SOMETHING, but is was LOST or STOLEN is a creator’s nightmare. As much as a collector would cry over a lost collection of rare items burnt irreversibly. As much as we cry when a Museum is destroyed or looted, it affects all of US.

UNCOPIED certificates don’t reinvent the wheel. Tally sticks have been around since the upper paleolitic, when the first forms of primary art emerged.

Chirographs are tally sticks on paper, manually cut using scissors. They have been used since medieval times to secure commercial contracts, important transactions, until it became impractical to fit duplicate texts onto a single sheet of parchment.

English legal document in triplicate chirograph form, dated 1303.

Banksy’s chirograph, a fake £10 note found on Pest Control certificates of authenticity, was the first work by the artist to enter the British Museum’s collection.

We would like our certificates to work for anyone : not just the FAMOUS ARTIST.

We use recent human inventions to make chirographs practical again : barcode, qrcode and the latest (greener) generation of blockchain technology.

UNCOPIED quintuplicate chirograph.

Our certificates are designed to outlive us. The quintuplicate chirograph provides physical uniqueness to a label and four certificate copies, printed on a single sheet of paper. The document can of any size : limitations of the chirographs are overcome by the use of IPFS and the blockchain. Each contracting party (the author, the buyer, UNCOPIED and the long term archiver) receive a physical copy of the document. UNCOPIED certificates are archived with the highest level of physical security available. Source digital objects are stored on IPFS, a redundant digital archive. Art object identifiers are stored both with UNCOPIED and on the blockchain as a unique asset (also known as NFT - non fungible token).

On UNCOPIED.ORG, you can issue your own certificate and NFTs. Every creator can make ORIGINAL truely UNIQUE.

If you like this project, please contribute to our OpenCollective, all funding will go to finance our IPFS infrastructure and some open source development. We gratefully thank all your OpenColltective Europe sponsors,